How much profit can I expect from an SEO campaign

All the links, search engine optimising, page ranks in the world, are wasted if the company cannot make profit from its internet marketing spend. Marketing speak of ‘brand promotion, market positioning, customer awareness’ are all excuses heard when it comes to a poor return on investment for every marketing pound spent.

There are two simple considerations:

1. What is the break even point?
2. Can the ‘internet’ supply the necessary traffic?

ROI formula, current Website Promotion Strategies

A simple formula for working out if a client is seeing an attractive return on their website promotion budget is as follows:

400 unique visitors to the website = 1 Sale

(Source historic data collected over 5 years studying over 220 commercial websites both B2B and B2C) The value of the sale is determined by a client’s retail price (RRP) minus cost of product (RRP / 2.5).