Social Media


Facebook is the biggest social media network with more than 500 million active users, and growing each day. Facebook is an extremely powerful marketing tool and if used correctly can build your business by focusing on your target market.

Facebook is a way of connecting with your clients on a social level and building trust within your brand and services.

Blogging & Facebook – every time you blog, on your web site, the feed will appear on all those peoples who have ‘liked’ you news feed, this is a great way to continually expose yourself to your clients.

Social networking is all about giving people information they can use themselves and distributing throughout their friends list.


Twitter is a new form of micro blogging, it has more than 200 million users worldwide and is growing. Each post is called a Tweet and can’t be more than 140 characters long.

Twitter is an excellent tool as you can follow all your competitors, see what they are up too in your business sector & also get a great insight into what people are saying about your business. Once you have a large following you can then channel traffic to your site/blog increasing your potential leads.